The easiest wallet for EOS


Your first Easy-EOS wallet, EOCAT

Lately, EOCAT announced the development road-map. The core value of EOCAT is developed with optimised UX/UI, convenient app environment, and accessibility of every device.

Why must EOCAT be your first wallet?

  1. With multi-OS support, EOCAT Wallet offers fast and convenient access to your account.

EOCAT already available on Google Play and Chrome Extensions. It announced that in early September, iOS will be available as well. It’s one of the first products that provides every device to manage your accounts without the barrier. Moreover, EOCAT is optimised for user’s convenient with qualified developers. You can manage your transactions, airdrops and EOS information at your finger tips. EOCAT provides APP Push that you can receive PUSH alarm when a new airdrop or token is registered on the EOS main-net. When a new transaction occurs, you will receive PUSH alarm within 3 seconds.

  1. EOCAT wallet offers an intuitive interface that novice users should be able to understand quickly.

EOCAT’s interface is optimised for every user. Our developers focused on UX/UI for user environment. New users or market entrants are confused about how to manage their wallets and how to approach them.EOCAT has simplified the interface for users to use without difficulty. Users can manage accounts, check transactions, and use air drops through the App. It is an advanced wallet that you can use even if you have basic knowledge.

The wallet is optimised not only for professional users, but it also for new users. If you are looking for easy-wallet, EOCAT must be the best answer. Moreover, EOCAT’s airdrop will be planned in few days, so do not lose the change to get the airdrops as well.

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