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This is the only topic where we allow price & trading talk for EOS tokens. This is not a traders forum and we’re first of all focused on EOS’s technology and social impact. Still though, now and then we all feel the need to scream something like “To The MOOONNNN” so this is the place to let these emotions out. It’s also a place to post your technical analysis charts or other interesting insights regarding the price of EOS tokens.

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Enjoy the pricetalk!

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I’m no expert by any means here but let me start with a chart:

Here’s more info on the On Balance Volume indicator. Overall it doesn’t look nice from a technical perspective. But if you look at it from a fundamental point of view there’s quite a discount at the moment :wink:.


Can we expect the price around 0.1?


Hello world. My first reply in this forum.


My understanding is that the EOS token itself isn’t an investment but rather a mechanism for a crowd-sourced donation to the development of the EOS? If my limited understanding is correct, then the secondary market is meaningless and the price should trend towards zero.


Block.One (the company creating EOS) is only focused on making the software. So they are not the one launching the blockchain. A group of “Block Producers” will use the software ones it’s done and after the license is set by Block.One that it is free to use etc.

And that whole story of the tokens not having any value and not grant any rights etc. is like a legal thing I think. They don’t want any government to see them as “stocks” I guess. But there is work done to import your tokens from the Ethereum blockchain tot he EOS blockchain. So they have value after all I guess :wink:.


Thanks Rene. If I’m understanding correctly it sounds like the idea is that it will be in the best interests of the “block producers” to credit the EOS token holders with some value in the new chain, because this will mean there would be ~$1b of vested interest and support in the new network and a similar level of backlash if the EOS holders are credited no benefits?


Yes, the whole idea is that your tokens can be used once the blockchain goes live. Here’s the license by the way:

It clearly shows that today no one is allowed to launch the blockchain in any way without permission by Block.One. Dan already said on Telegram that several potential blockproducers wanted to set up a test network.


Thanks Rene, I anticipate that once this project becomes open source, there will obviously be competing “block-chain producers” utilising this new software to create competing block-chains. The most successful implementation will likely be the one with the greatest user adoption and the block-chains which appropriately credit EOS token holders will likely have greater user adoption.


We’re exactly around $0.50 at this time. On the hourly chart we’re in a down channel.


If you think the trend will reverse, when do you think that would happen? Will the 2M new tokens a day keep surpressing the price all the way to June, or will some new news create more interest from speculators before then?


I wish I knew! I don’t think the 2 million daily tokens are an issue. That’s only 1 million dollar worth of EOS tokens while there is a total of almost 6 million $ volume over the last 24H.

Technical Analysis is only partly helpful in crypto if you ask me. Some news in this area can bump any coin 20 or 30% in hours. And with Stellar Lumens is was over 100% overnight.


Looks like EOS is breaking out of this channel if you look at the hourly chart in USD:


We’re still in a downtrend, but when you look at the hourly chart there’s a Ascending Triangle visible. That doesn’t guarantee anything at all :expressionless: but it’s one of my favorite patterns to see actually.

More info on Ascending Triangles in Technical Analysis.

Here’s the chart in USD:

But wait a second, if we look at the EOS-BTC chart and zoom out a bit we see this one:

The On Balance Volume indicator is rising but the price is falling. This is called Divergence.

So overall TA isn’t really helpful today :zipper_mouth_face:. I would still think bullish for the coming days because of the Ascending Triangle and the Divergence between price and On Balance Volume. Still I’m a fundamental investor in EOS though. That’s why I keep my tokens anyway.


The Ascending Triangle is still there in the EOS-USD chart:

Some interesting stuff on the hourly chart against BTC as well:


I expect the price to start rising again after the token sale passes the half-way mark and FOMO starts to kick in for all those who are still sitting on the sidelines.


Wooooooooowwt. Look at the price. It made the exact pattern I hoped for:

Here it is against BTC:

Let’s see where this brings us in the coming days.


Nice call :slight_smile:


Here are the hourly charts for EOS:

This could be a bullish flag. Below the price chart in BTC.

Especially the EOS/Bitcoin chart looks bullish on the short term. That is: until that trendline breaks.


We’ve hit $0.83 over the last few hours:

Nice volume inflow on the daily chart: