The EOS Price & Trading topic




That’s a nice graph :slight_smile: I bought 2 weeks ago at 0.55$


Nice trend on the hourly-chart:

On the daily EOS/USD chart as well:

The On Balance Volume-indicator is quite strong. Huge amount of inflow over the last few days.


Remember this reply with the ascending triangle?? Well, we have another one.

It’s on the EOS/BTC-hourly chart. It is confirmed by the OBV-indicator but remember that this is just technical analysis and that it doesn’t guarantee anything. Still I’m bullish for the coming hours/days though as this looks really nice.


Here are 2 hourly charts:


Looks like we broke that nice uptrend line but who knows…


Maybe we stay in this trend when BTC gets a bit of weakness.


The uptrend is holding well on the hourly chart:


very promising! I hope this happens to the monthly chart as well.


Nice rise…

Let’s hope this is the start of a nice uptrend.


I hope EOS will surprise me. Will it be a Christmas gift?


I hope so, we’ll have a testnet within a few weeks, so who knows.

Here’s the hourly chart:


This looks really nice on the daily chart in USD.


Nice rally going on the hourly-chart:


$ 2 to $ 3 is the stress area


I was thinking about the price the real EOS tokens will be worth on launch. I assume they will be a new entry floated on the exchanges with no necessary connection to the final price of the ERC-20 tokens at that time. The current ERC-20 tokens should really be worth more as they may be valid on many EOS networks that use the snapshot in June. On the other hand, many tokens go through a FOMO period on release as the news will bring many new investors who aren’t in yet. I’m not worried about the long-term value but do you think the price will be higher, lower or about the same as the ERC-20 tokens?


If Ethereum got to 30 billion EOS should be able to reach at least 5 or 6 Billion IMO. But who knows. Maybe when the testnet is live in the next few weeks we’ll get a clue on how popular EOS really is for dApp-creators.

Here’s the hourly chart. Nice uptrend at the moment:


Looks like a nice up-channel on the daily chart:


This rise came out of nowhere, at least that’s how it looks:


Rising space is fully open


EOS tokens no longer care about trend channels it seems :grinning:.


Things are going fast these days…