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Christmas gifts to be realized



New All-Time-high for EOS:


I guess this is what they call a bullish trend :grinning:


Literally just learned of EOS today. Is it too late to invest?


It’s not too late to buy at any time


No, i reckon 2018 will be a interesting year for EOS




Nice recovery after yesterday’s dip. Congratualtions to those who bought some extra tokens at $3.


Falling back on the trendline:


So this is my first post. Probably in the wrong section. IV been buying eos for 8 months. Is EOS TRANSFERABLE in the sense EOS TO ETHEREUM. OR EOS to BTC


Welcome to the forum :+1:

You can trade EOS against ETH and BTC on some exchanges. But EOS is a so called ERC-20 token. Which means it runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

When EOS launches in June 2018 you’ll be able to use your EOS tokens on the EOS blockchain by importing a key or something. EOS starts with a “Genesis block” where all values in the Ethereum contract are copied to.

So think of it as a swap from the Ethereum blockchain to EOS’ blockchain.

Hope that helps…


EOS trying to break out again??


New highs :+1:


That’s quite a dip! From peak to bottom even around - 50%. Trend still okay it seems…


Looks like the uptrend is still okay.


If the EOS Devs pull some move that destroys the "value"of the ERC20 EOS tokens they would never be able to work again and the’d probably be in some physical danger from their former supporters. these guys aren’t going to screw over the entire global blockchain experiment by faking this “show” just to get more money. Do you conspiracy people even believe this stuff yourself? Then why spend time in this chat? just curious


A useful website for EOS technical analysis eos price chart

The website has a cool feature that detect candlestick patterns

Hope to be useful for you



We could dip a bit more. Also depends on the overall crypto-trend I guess. But a breakout of this pattern would be quite bullish if you’ll ask me.


My first input. Have noticed with the market currently down. That neo is holding. Is this because of the regulatory issues in China and the ico concept will fall away in the near future. Giving way to dapp and airdrops to platforms like view is neo will be China’s dapp platform regulated and governed by communism. Where EOS will be the new western ideology and freely ungoverned. Truly decentrilized blockchain platform. Seeing already China etheruem icos put under the hammer. And will this give way for EOS to overthrow etheruem as the etheruem killer.