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Hopefully this is the reversal moment…


It clearly wasn’t the reversal moment :laughing:


We’re recovering quite nice from the lows around $6


After 12 days of bearish pressure, EOS seems to be on a recovery path.[url=]EOS latest news and announcements]underlines the same.


Looks like several big cryptotokens reached the lower levels of their trend- and support lines. let’s see how this one holds.


Some coins are recovering well post correction last few days
but EOS still steadying
I believe will see movements in bit


Here’s BTC:

Here’s ETH:

Here’s EOS:

Let’s hope the resistance will hold.


Quite a dip…


We’re back in the wedge…


I’ve got a feeling that the way the ICO is working really helps EOS resist the current trend downwards in crypto as a whole, whilst also allowing it to ride any upturn. Which is why it is now number 6 in market cap and closing the gap on LTC.

Of course, that and the fact that it will be awesome. Even if I’m just leasing my EOS to those that need extra to start with, until I have my own needs to stake it, it will have been my best buy. I didn’t get mine at the cheapest point, but rather in period 0, so not too bad really. :slight_smile:


Here’s EOS on the weekly chart:

Looks like we’re holding up a bit better than BTC or ETH.

Here’s the ETH chart:

I guess this has to do with the launch coming in June. People probably expect EOS to go up when it luanches and are afraid to miss out if they sell now.


All time EOS-BTC chart. We are around the same price in terms of BTC for EOS as we were at EOS ICO launch, but it also looks like EOS has started to rise against bitcoin.

The way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if EOS closes in on LTC for the number 5 position in terms of marketcap. When it first reached number 6, it had a marketcap of around half of LTC, I seem to remember noting at the time. Now it is over two thirds. Next stop after that will be Bitcoin Cash… (BCH)


Hopefully moving above the resistance line again…

Sort of pattern-outbreak on the hourly chart:


EOS now has a marketcap of 0.876 LTC marketcap. Up 20% against the USD today. When the market drops, EOS mostly holds, when the market recovers, EOS soars.



Well, as predicted, it has happened! EOS now has the number 5 market cap, pushing LTC into number 6. Also note that EOS had a higher liquidity than BTC during yesterdays meteoric rise!

Next stop, BCH. Already over halfway there…


Looks like a lot of crypto’s are breaking out today…


I got curious what the price of EOS would be if its market cap was the same as BTC at todays volumes and prices. Turns out each EOS would be worth $164USD or €133EUR. That is £115GBP.

Further, each EOS would be 0.35ETH and just 0.0215BTC.


We’ve touched 10 usd again.


If climb verses BTC continues at current rate, we should see new ATH verses BTC in a couple of weeks.


After slipping back into 6th place for a week, EOS and LTC are battling it out for the number 5 spot once again. Seen them switch places a couple of times today already. However BCH is over twice EOS market cap right now, so the number 4 spot may take a little longer. I believe it can happen though.