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I just bought my first EOS, the charts are looking good with price ascending for past weeks

I know its risk for me to buy now, but i wanted to get 1 to understand EOS, price may go up or down. Ill accumulate as i think interesting project


ATH VS BTC reached today.


Quite a move over the last few days.


About 20 cents away from the all time high…


I think that all time high against USD has now been surpassed and then some! 24h Low / 24h High $18.14 / $22.71.


We’ve gone almost vertical…


Why is this do you think?


I seriously have no idea. We’re getting closer to launch? Several aidrops announced? Hard to understand the price movement in crypto I guess.


Boost in awareness after EOS surplanted LTC in the number 5 spot, boosting momentum in a steady rise. Perhaps an element of FOMO as it looks like it might climb even higher in the weeks to come? It has fallen back a little, suggesting it had started rising a little faster than was sustainable, however it has so far kept most of its gains. How many of the recent investors were looking for short term gains and how many are looking longer term will make a difference to how EOS performs over coming weeks.


after discussion with some friends
i quickly learn somthing
yes the price of EOS has gone down, see chart below

but look, it was new high hits $22, which was mindblowing
price at high, got people attention, and now there is higher volume than before thus the price will be well supported and trade on. expect good things


Agreed! Price more than tripled from March 29 - April 29. That is quite remarkable. It has dropped back a little now, but not by much, and I fully expect it to have another good month ahead, especially if as some predict, the crypto market as a whole also picks up this month. (I’ve seen some saying BTC will return to $20k by sometime in June).


Hello People

I would like to hear som realistic opinions about the the price of eos in the end of this year and year 2019.



I bought at 6 , it rocketed to 20 a few months later ,now it’s a steady 17-18 $.

I can’t say precisely but dammit, it’s looking great


Once again EOS is bucking a downward trend in the top 10. Can it close the marketcap gap against BCH? Will BCH overtake XRP first? Hard to say. But with less than a month to the end of the coin distribution, I can’t help but feel that EOS can only rise in value when its full power is realised.


Big drop today, in all crypto. Korean exchange, Upbit, under police investigation for fraud…


hi Anton

Have a strange question … what will happen to the value of the current tokens if their is a percentage of eos that is NOT reg … saw a post somewhere … got to thinking what if? … your comments always apprecitated



I think that what happens to the price of EOS at the end of the distribution is going to be pretty interesting anyway. From what I understand, large amounts of EOS can only be purchased through the distribution. Very few holders are selling theirs on exchanges.

Will people start selling more on exchanges? Will demand suddenly drop after the distribution? Probably ‘no’ to both those questions. So I suspect that when the distribution ends, demand will stay the same and supply will be dramatically reduced. What happens to prices in such a scenario? Well I think we both know they should go up.

If tokens are unregistered, presumably they are lost. If that means they are lost on the new blockchain or not I really don’t know. But if they are, that means they are effectively burned, reducing the supply even further. Depending on how many are thus burned, his could push the price of the remaining EOS up even further, although whether it will have as much impact as the distribution ending I couldn’t say.

That is my guess anyway.


hi Anton

thanks again suspicions confirmed …



Well we are seeing the first lurch upwards today, confirming my earlier speculation about demand driving prices up once distribution ends and exchanges are the only place to obtain it. And this is despite the fact that anyone buying on exchanges won’t be able to get them off as gateways are like closed at this point ready for the snapshot.


EOS price is currently at $14.10 with about 16 percent gains in the last 24-hours. Just before the official launch of its EOSIO launch, bulls have taken the charge as EOS coin leads the market with maximum gains right now. Block.One has already made the open source software of the first version of EOSIO blockchain on GitHub while providing an outline of its features.

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