The EOS Price & Trading topic


$14.50 now according to coinmarketcap, $14.38 on coingecko. Both say around 19% 24hr rise. How long before EOS marketcap exceeds BCH and ripple? I was thinking by end of June, but now I’m thinking that might be a conservative estimate…


Certainly, BCH and Ripple have got to go. ETH can stay, but only at parity with EOS.


I don’t see the point of talking about price unless your making predictions for 5 years in the future. On more than one occassion I’ve heard people say that EOS will change the internet as we know it. If this is the case then you should hold onto your EOS tokens for dear life. Even if it’s just 1 token.

Let me explain,
If this dream is achieved and EOS becomes the foundation of a new internet, a new internet-wide protocol then your EOS tokens will be each be worth thousands. It will make Bitcoin look like Bytecoin in comparision.
Just think about our current internet… Long before most people even understood what the internet was it had made many millionaires. It was the early adopters who got rich with a tiny investment of $5 buying up all of the domain names.

I know this is a bit different but I can see a future where the people who manage to hold onto their EOS tokens for 10+ years being able to retire on the value.

This is not even considering all of the airdrops that holders could potentially get from Block.One funded projects. Imagine if you got an airdrop from each Etherium project by holding Etherium. You would be quite wealthy with these on their own. Now imagine if the next Amazon, Google or Facebook is developed on EOS and you got in at the ground level.

My point is. Forget the price today. This could be the investment of a lifetime. It could literally be the best investment in a generation so HODL HODL HODL.