To buy or not to buy EOS on an exchange


Recommended gas limit: at least 90000 is this true?
And what does that mean?

Also can I use this to generate and EOS wallet?

And the reason why ETH burns my keister is because of that who gas block empty block and swipe move. what does that 900000 amount really mean? And can someone stop my blocks to take my gas?


I don’t know about the gaslimit, but I would use a Ethereum address for sure. Look at the steps on the official website:


To transfer your EOS tokens to trezor, follow the same steps that you would to transfer ethereum to your trezor. EOS can be transferred to any Ethereum address. The token sale is an ERC-20 token so it can be transferred to any ethereum address.

Most importantly, before the token sale ends (still several months away), there are steps you will need to take to link your EOS ERC-20 tokens so you get credited for actual EOS once their official blockchain launches. Make sure you keep a small amount of eth in your wallet for gas to complete these steps.


Actually I don’t have a Trezor wallet, but I do have an My Etherwallet paper wallet.
I decided to kill my node and move my ETH to cold storage.

The question is about this link…

[quote=“Chickee, post:7, topic:98”]
[/quote] is this a valid wallet generator?

I’m wondering about the credibility of
if it’s safe or not.

I will not ERC Tokens…
When sending the amount I read somewhere that you have to set the gas to 90000
So I was just bring that here, hopefully I can find the source of that information in my notes.

@frabrunelle Do you know what I’m talking about am I making sense?


I have no idea. But the EOS.IO team advices My Etherwallet do I would use that if I were you.


[quote=“Chickee, post:10, topic:98”]
Checking validity of this Git Hub link for EOS Token sale [/quote]

Okay That’s great to know I store my ETH cold stored in MyETHER wallet is the ideal wallet…


I bought on Liqui with no issues at all.


I bought mine on Kraken I find it easy to use and send to wallets etc. No issues there. I have had awful experiences elsewhere so Kraken is the one for me. Just goto get my head around registering them now from my MEW which I think I have sussed but will test with a small amount to be sure first. Plus there is no rush got up to June next year.



it doesnt really matter where you buy them if you want to hodl … obviously cheaper the better …all exchanges have varying buy prices … as long as you transfer them to the recognised wallets and reg them before the specified date…



Some exchanges offer their own wallets to keep coins but I don’t think it is a good idea, so immediately after buying some I transferred the coins to another, safe wallet.


I used Kraken for purchasing EOS without any problems.


“via ones own Ethereum wallet directly to the EOS contract address” - sounds really complicated.


Kraken is a nice exchange, it lets you buy crypto with fiat money.


Yes, it’s a very attractive feature for exchanges. Not all the exchanges accept fiat. I heard that Binance now deals with fiat too.


i see now lots of exchanges are allowing to trade with fiat…


Oh, really? Because it wasn’t accepting earlier. THat’s a real improvement then. I believe even such giants as Binance have to keep up with trends, because new exchanges despite how small they are accept fiat payments now


Didn’t here any new exchange that deals with crypto. Maybe I missed something.


If you want to find the cheapest option to buy EOS why not to use exchanges, it doesn’t matter where and how to buy coins


Technology is about solving problems. Exchanges are one such problem solver that address the global need for value exchange. EOS token can be bought and sold on exchanges that list EOS ticker.

If you aren’t sure of how this might be done, you can read the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” agreements published on the exchange platform.

—In case you have further doubt, mail me at–


I’ve never heard it’s dangerous to buy EOS on the exchanges. Binance, for example, is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and has extremely low fees at .05%. They have never been hacked.