To buy or not to buy EOS on an exchange

I’ve never heard it’s dangerous to buy EOS on the exchanges. Binance, for example, is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and has extremely low fees at .05%. They have never been hacked.

What exchange do you use if I may ask?

Low fees are the second attractive thing to me and the first is high security level. Some people opt for platforms offering wide choice of coins but as I don’t buy many different currencies, I don’t care about that. So you prefer Binance?

I don’t think you’ll have problems with buying EOS on big/trustworthy exchanges.

You can buy/sell on exchanges. But always remember that they own your account. Better to get your tokens away from an exchange as soon as possible and be the owner of a private account.

As I saw, DSX has just added EOS for trading

I use Gemini for all my deals

Never tried it. I prefer KuCoin and have recently discovered they are partnering with some new exchange so I’ve laid my eyes on them. Will check it out when it’s open.


I also like KuCoin for their low fees and easy interface.

Yeah I like kucoin as well, but they don’t have some currencies pairs

Oh cool. I’ve heard of KuCoin many times but never actually tried it myself. And what new platform you’re talking about?

I need to google, but they are not open yet, hope to try this platform out one day anyway

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Which one are you interested in?

They don’t have some currencies pairs and also I don’t like their support service

Yep, they’ve got some issues though but I think there is no an ideal exchange anyway

Yeah, all of them have some issues. We need to collect all the best features of different exchanges and create the ideal one

Ahah, if it only was possible

Do you think it can be possible? :smiley: Even if we create an ideal system we may meet with some unpredictable obstacles, I guess :smiley:

It is not possible, it is just my dream :smiley:

In which coin are you interested in?