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20 million US dollars special hatching fund, EOS play really!
Every bit of technological advancement from Bitcoin to Ethereum is significant. From POW to POS, each of these values ​​deserves respect. The EOS team understands the value of ecology for the blockchain and also knows a more efficient block What impact will the chain infrastructure have on the landscape of the future blockchain?

EOS parent company BlockOne and INBlockchain recently reached a cooperation, each invested 10 million US dollars, the establishment of cooperation EOS special blockchain project incubation fund, incubation on the EOS blockchain project and team.

The fund is solely under the responsibility of INBlockchain and is dedicated to the incubation of EOS ecosystems. INBlockchain can apply for a hatchery fund for infrastructure development, project development and education and training at EOS.

INBlockchain set up a special audit team for the special fund, which is responsible for auditing submitted projects and issuing incubation funds according to the progress of the project. There will also be a special reward for special outstanding blockchain projects.

Apply for the EOS Special Incubation Fund via the link below.