Tokens for renting cpu and storage, also used for staking?


So I have read some stuff about cpu and storage with the EOS tokens. Also reading about EOS being a DPOS blockchain. What does it really mean ? Will I be able to use EOS cpu and storage at the same time as staking my tokens and secure the blockchain ?



There’s a whitepaper here with some nice graphs in it. In short it means that at least 21 miners (called block producers in EOS) will make the blocks. They get a certain timeslot where they’re allowed to mine a block. On EOS the blocktime will be 1 second (or even less) so image that 1 block producer makes a block and the next second another one does. After 21 seconds they’ve all made a block and start again.

The “delegated” part means that App-devs can vote for a certain block producer. So maybe they have a dApp to create a social media network and they “vote” (by holding stake in a contract) for block producer X or Y. So the Apps that hire resources from the network can vote for a miner. And the 21 miners with the most votes are allowed to mine the block.

If I get your question well, you can’t mine blocks at home. Block producers need quite some fast connections etc. But when you run a node at home with every transaction you confirm the blockchain to make it more secure.


So if I buy tokens there is no inherent ROI from the blockchain ? Tokens will only be used to rent resources in the EOS VM ?

Do the block producers need to hold any minimum amount off EOS tokens as stake also ?


Yup, but that’s for the dApp-maker. So when you go to a forum that uses the EOS Network, you just visit the url like you did with this forum. But the one providing the forum is staking some EOS and gets resources for that.

So for a user at home the tokens are there for payment, ICOs, tips and probably a lot of other things, but you don’t need to stake as far as I know.

I guess they do, but don’t know the exact number. More important for them is to get votes from the dApps that are staking tokens.


Yes I can see that, perhaps the producers is less prone to go rogue if they are staking also.