Hold on, I meant TOP 3 Faucet Dapps. Faucet is a reward system, when you provide Free-to-Play coins for every user who opens your Dapp. So it’s dapps with the Best reward system(Best Faucet) in it.

Someone wrote this on Medium. I liked it, it’s nice to know that EOS industry grows and having such as Dapps.

Anyway, I suggest to check it by yourself, I think you will like it:

Piece! :slight_smile:


And did you try them? How do they work?


well if you have EOS account, you just log into game and claim Coins. It’s automatically moving to your wallet. I mean it’s nice to have this option. Amount is not big, but it’s free. So why not.


Ok, I got it. So why not to try:)