Top 5 Gaming DAPPs on EOSIO


The current Free-To-Play economy in the gaming industry has been under the control of central entities such as App/Play Stores and AD Networks for decades now. Game developers monetize whenever a player pays via the in-app purchase or watches an ad, which eventually puts the value of the games tied to a fiat currency backed by a government. Decentralized Games are a disruption to this age-old model that are truly decentralized and have self-made economics.

Decentralized games on EOSIO allows developers to create their own digital assets free of cost, as well as define the rules of the game which eventually governs the flow of digital assets. This empowers DAPP game developers to create a game economy where players can freely transfer value to their peers and as well convert that value into digital assets. Here’s a list of the top 5 decentralized games on EOSIO:

# Rank #1: EOS Knights

EOS Knights is one of the first mobile game that runs on EOSIO. The players of the game have one goal – to accumulate as much EOS as possible in the wallet. A brief about the game:

  • A player is given 3 characters to start with
  • To reach higher levels in the game, the character must fight the goblins
  • From time to time, airdrop of materials to craft weapons are awarded
  • With the weapons and materials, you can adopt pets or trade them in market for liquid EOS

# Rank #2: Token Planets

Token Planets creates a blockchain game ecosystem integrating finance, service and entertainment. In the world of Token Planets, players can explore and build star resources and establish their own business system. The game requires players to acquire token coin and trade in the decentralized virtual market. All game props, service functions, design and construction are decided by the players themselves. The game props will also have circulation value after it’s recorded in the blockchain.

# Rank #3: Fishing Master

Unlike the other two games developed on EOSIO, the Fishing Master game is very intuitive by nature. The player starts the game with zero FISH coins and gets FISH coins for catching fish. At one go a player can catch a maximum of 48 fish. These FISH coins are valued in EOS and can be converted to liquid EOS and stored in the respective wallet.

# Rank #4: Xpet

For pet lovers, this game is a valuable pet strategy battle game. The pets have the power to store, capture and extract value in terms of digital asset. A player competes for the first 201 main cities. The player who successfully purchases the main city will have the power to tax the production and trade activities in the residency. The main city owner will have a better pet than the public hatching. EOS is a digital currency that serves as the basis of the game. XPC is a monster world pass where the player will receive EOS proportional to his investment in the game. Players can use XPC for game characters, upgradation to levels and advance in features.

# Rank #5:

The game is famously called as the monster Tamagotchi and battle game on EOSIO. The current version of the game is in Beta format. Inspired by the Tamagotchi style game, players must keep their pets alive, happy and take care of them. The players will be rewarded based on the living conditions of the pet. Future versions of the game are expected to have added features such as battles and a monster market. Once the player finds the pet is tradeable in the market, the player exchanges them for token.

Note, ranking order covered in this blog was taken from Dappradar on 1/1/2019 at 4 am EST

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I’ve started noticing there are many games projects that are moving to EOS



Yes, you’ve noticed right. EOSIO is more advantageous for gaming DAPP developers for reasons like it is open source, works on POS, and enables scalability.



EOS Knights is pretty good for a first-ever mobile rpg game to be made that is powered by EOS
There is an upcoming game called Unlimited Tower. It’s listed on Dapp Radar now. I think it has a lot of interesting features. Can’t wait to see more and more interesting games to come out!



Thanks for the answer. How does a proof of stake work? I know a little about PoW - that’s how bitcoin works for example and I know it’s energy consuming as it chooses the best calculating power, but what about PoS?



I think that Xpet is a very nice option.

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Yes it is a more convenient platform for Dapp gaming.



Is there any links for the first four projects?



A lot of projects are choosing EOS blockchain, so it’s something of being surprised by



I guess that it’s because of EOS being more adapted for Dapps, and has more attractive and convenient features for the users.