Transferred ERC20 tokens to contract address


So I did the dumb thing. But also may have successfully registered them before sending them to the contract address.
I missed the deadline to transfer them to binance, and here we are.
I emailed and they advised:
"If an EOSIO Platform is launched by the community of which have included your EOS Tokens that were sent to the EOS contract address in the genesis file, you may unlock and transfer the EOS Tokens on such platform by importing the EOS private key.

I suggest you to seek out to the community or the Block Producers to find out if EOS Tokens that were sent to the EOS contract address is included."

Any help/ advice would be much appreciated. TIA
TxHash: 0x665b960d852f9977db1a32f98f4feb55485402282c9d19aa1bb83a32ed6d94ee
Transferred from: 0xF56B4A5BC1317Af79b8e7473FF5AF238A0FCd64C
EOS Public Key : EOS6Mt1ihX11ffbrd5fznLAeEvkVn33UMNVsuFD8acNu41hLxKxA3


About 8 days ago the EOS were removed from this address is that correct??


Yes, That’s correct.


In the registration process one could register a EOS-address on Ethereum. That doesn’t mean that the tokens itself on that address were registered. So if there were no tokens on that address during the snapshot then there are no tokens in some EOS-address during the snapshot. Does that makes sense?

So I don’t know where you hold the tokens now, but that address is what you should look for.


That does make sense, thanks.
I sent the tokens to 0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0 (EOSTokenContract) …
So I don’t ‘hold’ them anymore, right?
Is there someone with control over this address that can be contacted?


Did you though you needed to sent them to that contract to register them???

Block.One is the owner of the address though. But I don’t think they can do anything because that contract is frozen.


I was obviously way too tired to be trying to figure it out.

So I checked my EOS address and the EOS are in there :smiley:
Such a relief!
thanks for the help in any case.