Transferring eos off exchange


Hi everyone… can anyone tell me how to transfer my eos I bought recently out of an exchange and into my scatter and greymass wallets.?



I recently bought EOS on Binance, but they had disabled withdrawals.

What I did was swap my EOS for ETH, sent the ETH to Kraken, bought EOS, then sent my EOS to my EOS wallet.

What exchange is your EOS on?



Hi thanks … I’m on bts bought open.eos not quite sure what to do … just send to scatter wallet? Will they be new eos (with keys)


I use EOS to vote block producers and i am waiting for withdrawal my EOS on binance


Most exchanges are still freezing withdrawal of EOS


So can we still continue buying what’s trading viewing them as erc20 tokens that will one day be transferable to a voting wallet etc?


Agree … openledger is sitting on my eos I bought around the last days of ico … didn’t realise they were holding withdrawals … now there frozen … nearly 7000 of peoples eos sitting on openledger … lot of votes missing the bps … or are they ?