Trusted universal wallet for EOS community (upcoming MainNet)


The Infinito wallet, maybe you’ve heard of it as the world first universal wallet for all ERC20 & NEP5… has officially announced that they will fully support EOS platform many days ago.
So if you guys are still looking for a place to store your EOS (I see many), I recommend this wallet. But as all the news said, the paper wallets out there are all scams, be careful. And there’s no EOS wallet yet. But why you have to wait? In my opinion, just do research and choose the good one fits your needs. Why I choose it: quite secure, free, convenient, universal (multi-asset), slight.

Hope my sharing will help.

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People should be very carefull using any wallet. There’s still no official blockchain. If there is then you should be very careful to use any wallet and maybe go with some that several Block Producers refer to. Until then there’s no way you can move any EOS-tokens.


I’m currently holding my EOS in Exodus but as soon as I can, I’ll be moving to a fully supported wallet.
On the EOSIO github:
there is an eos-wallet-app
Is this going to be the offical wallet after launch?


Thank you. I know. Because I’ve been holding my tokens in Infinito so I did the registration and just wait. If the eos mainnet succeed to launch, the wallet will officially release the version to support it.


I don’t know. Just wait until official announcement. But if users stay with multi-asset wallets like Infinito or Exodus, I think it’ll be fine too.


I was able to submit my registration inside Exodus. I was a bit aprehensive about doing it this way at first but then I thought, Its a respectable wallet so I trusted it and it all went ok thankfully.

I really do like Exodus but I will be removing my EOS to an offical wallet after the mainnet launch because Exodus have said they are not able to support any airdrops.

I imagine this will be the same for the infinito wallet too because any EOS airdrops wont be an ERC-20 anymore. Be aware of this. I wouldnt want you to miss out on any airdrops you have earned.


I think what you said is what most users are assuming, but it’s wrong for Infinito. Infinito will implementing the EOS Blockchain, not based on ETH Blockchain anymore. So users can receive any airdrop on the new EOS if it successfully launched.


I think you missed my point. Exodus will also support the new EOS blockchain but my concern is with the drops. Exodus has stated they won’t be able to support the drops even though they will support the new EOS token. I suspect Infinito may have the same issue. I would check with them to confirm.


I may be wrong, but a friend of mine had 5 EOS (which he got as gift) on Exodus and they built in a one click registration process (which give you your public/private key + account name). So Yes, Exodus support the airdrop. But will they support the real EOS Mainnet, I don’t know.


Yes, I registered my EOS via Exodus and it literally was a one click process and I got my new EOS address and private key. However, I contacted Exodus about the EOS airdrops and they said no, they won’t be able to support them because the various different tokens won’t be recognised by the wallet.
It’s one thing to support the EOS blockchain but to also support the airdrops is asking too much for a none EOS wallet.

However, I guess all of your airdrops will still be attached to your EOS address even though you may not see them in your wallet. From what I understand, the only wallets that will SHOW all Airdrops will be EOS wallets that will be available after launch.