Unbreakable protection in dire need of debunking



We’ve developed this radical, new, trustless privacy-protection solution for sensitive personal data on a global scale – which is great but that’s not my point. As part of this, we had to address the painful usability problem of blockchain-based products – all the messing around with crypto-wallets, private key protection, mnemonics, etc. We ended up with a solution that looks and feels like your everyday web experience – but with the kickass security of crypto. We believe addressing the UX problem this way will break one of the biggest mass-adoption barriers of any blockchain-based consumer product. And we’ve got something even my meemaw can use.

Best part is: the whole damn thing is completely unhackable.


Or not… That’s what we need help to find out. Oh, did I mention we’re a not-for-profit, open source, community-driven project? and we’re running this challenge on EOS Mainnet? When we get this right, it’s a win for all.

So! We put our money on the line and our balls where our mouth is and placed a shiny little bitcoin behind this protection. Whoever breaks the protection will see the private key – no question asked. Well, it’ll be great if you can tell us how you did it, but you don’t have to.

Many more details to follow (github, designs, whitepaper…). We have our main thread in

h4x challenge clues

but tell us what you need to have a crack. We’re a small team, so we don’t have it all laid out for you in advance – ask and you shall receive! Except the btc. Don’t ask for the btc. Or the password. Find it yourself, you lazy duck!

h4x Privacy Challenge Page

(Yeah, we ditched the SSL intentionally! We did everything to make it as exposed as possible. Exploit it!)