Understanding EOS crowdsale smart contract transactions



I participate in the EOS crowdsale June 26th 2017 and I’ve received the 1st of July my first EOS tokens from a contract called EOSCrowdsale 0xd0a6E6C54DbC68Db5db3A091B171A77407Ff7ccf.

From what I see in MEW, my tokens where sent right after (+11 minutes) to an address linked to EOS, which is : 0x174443351E21D47Ed9aB51517A301107d92eDe64.

Any idea what this address is and why my tokens where sent here ? I guess automatically. It was long time ago and i don’t remember what was going on at that time. I did bought in the crowdsale once.

Then the 22th of August I received more tokens from this address 0x174443351E21D47Ed9aB51517A301107d92eDe64 in my wallet.

This address continued sending my EOS tokens the 2nd of September, the 31th of October and until the 10th of November.

What could be the reason I received EOS tokens multiple time from this address ?



I found the answer to my question, it is an address from Kraken lol !