Unstaking in Greymass wallet


Could anyone please advise me as to how to unstake in Greymass. I have 7.1 eos staked in cpu and I would like to unstake all of them. However I get an error saying I have used more cpu than my balance allows. Another thing why did it say you can get all of your eos back if you unstake, this does’nt seem to be the case.


You might wanna leave a little CPU and Bandwidth staked. But you should be able to un-stake 7 EOS wihtout a problem.


If you have your private key you could use Scatter. There should be a function in Greymass wallet as well.


Thank you for your Reply Rene, I transferred 9.1152 Eos to graymass a few days ago. I staked 1.100 to network and 7.1 to CPU. which left me with 0.9152 eos unstaked. I managed to unstake 1.0 from NETWORK so there is 0.1 for network left. Unstaking from CPU gave me endless hassles. Because it said I have used more CPU than what I have staked (something to that effect) So I tried to unstake different amounts untill it unstaked wich was 4.0 eos. So there is now 3.2 Eos staked. I did not manage to unstake my whole 7.1000 Eos.

I have so many questions that need answers.(WATCHED ALOT OF VIDEO"S) It all is becoming rather frustrating that know one can answer them. Questions Like…
AM I getting rewarded for staking my coins.
Why am I staking to myself and not to others.
Can I tranfer my STAKED eos to another wallet like scatter.
When staking do I leave my computer on.
How to stake to a deligate.
If so how do I choose one.


Sorry for my rant … I will follow the link you provided. Thank you.


EOS is a virtual computer on a blockchain, and like every computer it needs RAM, Bandwidth and CPU. On EOS you hire that by staking tokens. If you own 1% of all the EOS-tokens out there you could use 1% of all the computing power of the virtual computer if you stake.

You always need a little bit of EOS staked for bandwidth and CPU. En you also own a bit of RAM so your account name could be on the system. But is all should be very very low. You should be good staking 0.1 EOS for CPU and another 0.1 EOS for bandwidth.

You can hire out some EOS tokens to others using this site: https://www.chintai.io/
That way some dApp-could use your EOS to stake for a little interest that is paid to you.

Staked coins are ‘locked up’ in the system. You can’t move them. Unstaking takes 3 days so be ware of that.
You don’t have to leave your computer on when you stake, the Block Producers run the virtual EOS-computer for us all.