Voting for eos with scatter


Question to all …30+m votes so far …does that mean only 1+m tokens used for voting (at 30 to 1)… long way to the top (15%) if we want to rock and roll …for me … I need to find a good scatter tutorial… any ideas? Greatly appreciated…


Hi Tacit53,

If you want a easy tool for voting, try eos-voter from Greymass.


Thank you I’ll give it a try … do you understand the voting setup they say 15% of tokens needed that equates to 4+b if it’s 30 to 1or have I got that wrong ?


worked like a charm … thankyou … new problem …i have 2 accounts cant work out how to use tokens in other account to vote … any ideas always greatly appreciated …


The app is really basic right now (only working with 1 account), I think the best way would be to reset the app by clicking the brain icon next to the lock, scroll down and press the red button. Then Log with your second account.

I know EOS RIO have release a tool/wallet (simplEOS) which support multiple accounts, but I don’t know if some BP or other professionals have audit the code.


Thanks so much got scatter going so voting on both portals …looking forward to the final actual finished online alive launch in the not to soon distant future …:»)