What happens after registry of EOS in MEW?


I have registered EOS tokens in MEW. And I can see the string when I press read under keys for my public ethereum-wallet. There my public EOS-adress pops up in the string.

But what happens now?

Will a newly created variety of EOS get created on the 2nd of june? Will these pop up in my public EOS-adress?

How can I see them after the 2nd of june? Does something similar to etherscan exist for EOS?

Can I see my tokens now aleady or will I have to wait for june?

  • Block Producers will read out the Ethereum-contract to look for all registered EOS-tokens
  • In the first block of EOS these balances are added
  • You use your EOS-private key in the EOS software. You’ll see your EOS-tokens appear on that address


So it is completely private EOS? I cannot see how many tokens my wallet has by pasting my public key somewhere? Like etherscan but for EOS


Hi once you’ve reg them go to the tokens scroll down and add eos token do a refresh and they should show up hope this helps

Your other question … wait for the 2 June we will get new instructions on creating a wallet in eos then With ours key we will drop our tokens
into it



I can see them under “read” in the string in myetherwallet. Is that where you mean they should show up?

What do you mean we will get new instructions in june? :slight_smile:

I thought I was finished doing all this techy stuff now :). Do I have to create a new wallet on the 2nd of june? Or is it enough to just register my keys in myetherwallet and then keep the EOS in cold storage inside the EOS-keys I used for registry on MEW?



on the right hand side of mew it reads tokens scroll down add eos then when you refresh they should show up next to your gas



Ok, thank you, but I have no idea where you mean man.

Can someone please tell me if I have to do something else now that I can see the string under “contracts” and “keys”?

When I put in my public ether-adress under contracts - read, I can see my public EOS-adress showing up there under “string”. Does that mean that my registry is now finished?

Or do I have to do something else as well?


Hi Rolfi

your good to go … i was really just showing you a feature that will enable you to see them in meweos

hope this helps




heres another link that will help …https://eosauthority.com/