Why 100 EOS minimal for a DApp Airdrop


I’m not happy because every reported airdrop I’ve come across so far require 100 EOS minimal to receive an airdrop. This seems really unfair because I have saved for months and months to buy the 51 EOS I own (@ $14 each) but my support isn’t worthy of a reward.

I thought the whole point of decentralization was to remove the hierarchy of power yet here we are with a hierarchy of opportunity proving the problem with DPoS before the protocol is even launched. i.e Minorities don’t get a voice, minorities will always miss out.

Sounds like business as usual to me.


These airdrops are happening on Ethereum so far, which does not have DPoS. Further, each airdrop is organised by completely independent teams and their actions cannot really be blamed on the EOS system, which isn’t even launched yet.

I’m guessing the reason has do with reducing the costs of making large amounts of Ethereum transactions.

eosDAC did support amounts smaller than 100, just not automatically. You had to request it.

It does seem odd that so many are choosing the same cut of point. However, it is also possible for a token creator to do an airdrop that ONLY drops to accounts with less than 100. But that would be up to the token creator I guess.

Again, not really fair to blame EOS itself, or DPoS, as neither are responsible.


Indeed it’s like @anton says that there are costs involved to drop tokens on Ethereum. There are several hundreds of thousands EOS-addresses already so with transaction costs that can become very expensive.

On EOS itself though I hope projects will remove the “100 token” limit because it is indeed not cool for people that have less than 100 tokens. One good thing to know is that some projects won’t drop on a 1-for-1 base but just share their tokens equally. It’s always hard to do it in a really fair way though… 1-on-1 drops will mostly profit the bigger hoddlers. If you share tokens equally on all addresses people just create more addresses to trick that system. If you limit the max amount for a 1-on-1 drop to 5000 or 10.000 for example, these big hoddlers could also create several addresses.

So overall it’s a hard problem to do it in a fair way.


Hi Rene sorry for my delay in my reply but thanks, that is encouraging news. Also, on a positive note I’ve heard from multiple sources that the 100 minimum was only because of the Ether fee’s so many drops after snapshot & launch will drop to everyone. Everipedia have confirmed their IQ tokens will be issued to all addresses.

I’m now excited about EOS again. lol
Btw, as I write this I’ve just heard the security audit may be complete now and launch could go ahead in 10 hrs.


I was also wondering why the 100 limit myself. Since EOS doesn’t have transaction fees, will there be more generous airdrops or will there be more spam? It would be interesting how the post launch airdrops will evolve as I think it will change from what we have seen earlier this year due to fact of so much spam and free marketing. Some places to keep track of airdrops https://airdropsforeos.com/ and https://www.eosdrops.io/


Hopefully, this video gets you excited…