Why did EOS become your choice?

Well, it’s an overwhelming coin for the dapps developers now but I can’t see any idea behind this coin anyway. I like the ones that solve real life issues, like IOTA, TRON or VeChain, you know

Cardano is a young platform, the main idea is to be better than ETH, so for me this project is promising

Never heard about VeChain before, I need to check this coin

Looks like EOS and some other blockchains have got the same interests :slight_smile:

It looks nice to me, what do you think?

Do you mean to overcome ETH? Maybe EOS and other similar projects have this purpose, I don’t know

I don’t know. I think their idea is too complicated for me :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I think they are competing in some way

No it’s simple, that’s a tracking system that is used to prevent counterfeiting and similar issues

I see numerous platforms moving to EOS and dapps being created on EOS. Seems promising. We never know, of course, especially in such volatile

I’ve never heard of Cardano. What advantages does it have over other coins?

Even your simple explanation is too complicated for me:). I mean I don’t understand how the tracking system can be involved in the crypto world

In general Cardano is something like ETH, but Cardano is unique in the sense that it is built on scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed academic research

Yeah, it just has more features and is easily adoptable

Tracking system is tags glued on the bottles of wine for example and it works thanks to the blockchain technology as it’s a distributed ledger it is perfectly suitable for bookkeeping and tracking.

Interesting. What type of the scientific philosophy is that?

Yes, because it seems it promising. Also TSP is very high it’s also one of the advantage in EOS .EOS team is having lot of experience in Block chain Dan Larimer before this have created two BLOCKCHAIN network.

Expecting more

Well, I hope it is useful:)

Oh that’s even more interesting. What scientific philosophy are you talking about? How is it different from others?

What about those blockchains? Are they being used now?