Why did EOS become your choice?

Tracking system is tags glued on the bottles of wine for example and it works thanks to the blockchain technology as it’s a distributed ledger it is perfectly suitable for bookkeeping and tracking.

Interesting. What type of the scientific philosophy is that?

Yes, because it seems it promising. Also TSP is very high it’s also one of the advantage in EOS .EOS team is having lot of experience in Block chain Dan Larimer before this have created two BLOCKCHAIN network.

Expecting more

Well, I hope it is useful:)

Oh that’s even more interesting. What scientific philosophy are you talking about? How is it different from others?

What about those blockchains? Are they being used now?

That’s what I’ve been asking about myself - curious

You’d better find some information about Cardano. It’s hard to explain how it works in simple terms.

Why do you prefer Cardano?

In short, because of fast, save and easy transactions

Okay…got you.
For how long do u use it?

Ah, they say the same about all the coins :smile:

What about you? What coins do you keep hold of?

So, how does it differ from other coins? :sweat_smile:

Yes, because many coins are very similar to each other.

That’s true, hard to find the outstanding ones

He said they were all quite the same :slight_smile:

yes, i see :sunglasses:

I heard Stan Larimer Dan’s father talking about Eos early in the ICO and I just knew this was a game changer

To my point of view, it was logically the best blockchain. At time EOS launched you basically only had ethereum that was facing a lot of congestion issues.

Currently now, looking at how the EOS blockchain is performing, it is the best blockchain. With many working Dapps already on the mainnet, EOS will be the future :slight_smile: