Will ALL future air drops use the genesis snapshot?


I would like to purchase more EOS. Obviously if I do that now my new EOS won’t have been part of the genesis snapshot. Will all future airdops use the genesis snapshot, or at some point will they start using more up-to-date snapshots. For example, if company X wants to airdrop to EOS holders on Nov 2, 2018, might they use a snapshot taken Nov 1, 2018?

If you think that companies will start using future dates, what percentage do you estimate? For example: 50% of airdrops delivered on or after Nov 2018 will use a more recent snapshot, while 100% of airdrops delivered on or after June 2019 will use more recent snap shot.

Thanks for your thoughts. And if you have any references you can share with your answer I would be very appreciative.


Currently a bunch of them will use the snapshot. But in the coming weeks and months with EOS live that will change I think. Like you say, some might have already sold by then or just have bought some EOS after learning about this project. So I guess most new airdroppers will take new snapshots.