Will EOS airdrops go to the EOS mainnet after June 1?


Does anyone know if post June 1st airdrops like IQ will go to 1) the EOS mainnet addresses or 2) to the registered ERC-20 addresses?


It will be main net. ERC20 will become worthless after snapshot.

However main net tokens will not be available immediately, and will start off staked when they are. Unstaking to make them liquid will take 3 days. So EOS tokens will be off the market for most of the first week of June.

More information here:


Some snapshot this weekend based on Ethereum, others wait for EOS-blockchain. So if you have registered your EOS (yes, the one that starts with the letters EOS) on Ethereum you should be good.


When EOS tokens are moved after June 2, where will we be able to see the token?


On the EOS-blockchain. Hopefully coming in the next few days.


Once mainnet is live, different airdrops will be implemented/moved from erc20, at different times. EOSC (EOS Classic) is an example of one that will not be visible on mainnet, as is a complete fork of the blockchain, that will have its own chain and its own launch. I’m guessing a lot of the tokens will not be visible immediately upon launch.