Will Exodus support EOS airdrops?


I’m a noob. I spent a couple of hours trying to register my EOS with my hardware wallet and failed.

Right now, my EOS is in my Exodus wallet. I’ve checked this website https://eosauthority.com/ and have confirmed that they are registered correctly. However, I’m worried that Exodus won’t support EOS airdrops. I contacted Exodus directly, and the answer I got was anything but direct. I think he was trying to be, but wasn’t successful. Can anyone confirm if Exodus will or will not support EOS air drops?



Here he talks about Exodus as well if remember correctly:

If in doubt it’s very simple:

If you own the private key (now for both Ethereum and EOS) you should be good. You can import a private key into MyEtherWallet for example.


Have you try this wallet? I see some recommendations based on their supports to EOS future from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf9x-Nh8ctw&feature=youtu.be


No I haven’t. Be very careful though. Graymass got endorsed by Dan Larimer. But that’s the only one I guess.


The wallet mentioned in the clip I shared is not Graymass @rene, new player (I guess) named “Infinito Wallet”.
Any trusted review abt this Infinito Wallet?