Worbli Account Creation Portal Delay Explained By CEO Domenic In Telegram


Domenic - worbli.io(CEO): So we ran into unexpected issues. We had to step back and really think through the next steps. We have a new timeline for the portal launch. However we did actually “launch”. The chain is live. Developers can deploy dAPPS. That was the “launch” the portal is for the sharedrop and its for tokens you can’t do anything with until 12/1, we just thought we might get it done sooner.

We are delaying until 11/21, further details to come.

The 11/21 portal will have AML/KYC and all the features promised. Wallets will be done by 11/28 in time for exchange listings of which we have over 6 ready to go.

We will obviously be extending the 10% sharedrop bonus at least through the end of the month.

Detailed announcements are being prepared for all channels. A video is coming as well.

One of the last minute changes is we decided to bring in a penetration testing firm to test the living crap out of it before we deploy and that will take at least two weeks.

When we added some features it created more exposure than we are comfortable with, without doing this level of testing first.

Our initial plan was to wait for this level of testing until after we began extracting/storing any user data. However we decided it would be prudent to be way over cautious. Folks may be frustrated with the delays, but a security breach would cause far greater problems for us. No matter how low the risk, it’s one we can’t take with so many people depending on us.