Aidrops coming to EOS (5 projects listed)


Just as the title suggests: a list of projects ‘airdropping’ tokens to EOS-tokenholders. Please notice that I just list these projects. I have not done research on them and I won’t share links of projects that ask you to retweet, register on a website or do whatever to get tokens. It looks a bit like airdrops are the new ICOs… at least for EOS. Make sure to watch out for scammers or whatever project that asks you to do promotional work for them.

Feel feel to reply to this topic if you miss a project in this list.

1. Everipedia

First project that announced to drop tokens to EOS-tokenholders on Ethereum. The date will be announced 2 weeks in advance.

2. Scatter

Tweeted out a picture of an airplane after the word about an airdrop got out on Telegram.

3. EosDAC

This project claims to be a “Community Owned Block Producer” and they launched a website announcing an Airdrop on April 15.

4. HireVibes

Link on their website to this GitHub document that states:

Free Airdrop: 250 million HVT (71.43%) to be Airdropped to all EOS Token Holders within 90 days of the EOS blockchain launch.


This is stated on their website:

Don’t miss any candies again MEET will help you get more EOS ecological candies, and MEET.ONE Token airdrop will start soon.

Make sure to do your own due diligence. We do not endorse or promote any dApp ICO or other crowdfund.



Luckily I have over a 100 open.EOS in my open ledger account, as they supported the airdrop creating open.eosDAC tokens, which should appear later this week for anyone holding over 100 open.EOS last Friday.


hi anton

curious as to where they’ll be dropped…



Well I think that depends. eosDAC airdrop is from the April 15 snapshot last friday. In an OpenLedger account that appear as an open.eosDAC token later this week.

I presume the other ones will appear in you EOS account as tokens once EOS goes live in June.


thats interesting ill keep an eye out … myethwallet shows double my tokens but dont know which token it is as there is no eosdac token to add … no worries patience is …



If you have less than 100 EOS, you don’t get the eosDAC automatically, but you can apply for it. Details here:


I updated this topic with 2 new projects. Let me know if you know more of them.


Airdrop for EOS holders from LetItPlay